IB press Sarbanes, Ruppersberger, Cummings to support impeachment hearings

Indivisible Baltimore sent letters to the offices of Representative Sarbanes, Ruppersberger, and Cummings urging them to co-sponsor Representative Rashida Tlaib’s HR 257 opening an inquiry into whether the House of Representatives should impeach President Trump. From the letter:

“Dear Congressman Cummings,

Today, we are asking you and your fellow Democrats to use your investigative power as the House majority to initiate impeachment proceedings. Specifically, we ask you to cosponsor H.R. 257, which would facilitate congressional inquiry into whether President Trump should be impeached.

We believe that the  Mueller report and special counsel Mueller’s oral remarks make clear that President Trump attempted repeatedly to obstruct justice and has avoided criminal prosecution only by virtue of his position as head of state. President Trump has prevented Congress from investigating his wrongdoing by issuing a blanket refusal to comply with all subpoenas. Moreover, aside from issues relating to the Mueller investigation, the President continues to commit an unprecedented and increasing number of impeachable offenses ranging from unconstitutional self-dealing in violation of the Emoluments Clause to hush-money payments in violation of campaign finance laws.

The President’s actions present an existential threat to our democratic system of checks and balances. If the executive branch can simultaneously evade law enforcement and impede the legislative branch from uncovering its misdeeds, it can and will continue to violate the law with impunity. Such an outcome would inflict lasting harm on our nation, emboldening this President with unfettered power and setting a dangerous precedent for those that follow him for generations to come.

Last summer and fall, members of our group knocked on more than 10,000 doors in competitive congressional districts in Pennsylvania and helped Democrats win control of the House of Representatives. One of our objectives – and a goal of voters across the nation – was to empower a Democratic House to rein in the abuses of the Trump administration, including with respect to the President’s corrupt and criminal acts. The House’s decision about whether to initiate an impeachment inquiry should not rest on guesswork about the impact of such proceedings on the 2020 elections. In the face of overwhelming evidence that the President has obstructed justice and continues to flout his constitutional obligations, we urge you to carry out your constitutional obligation to protect our democracy.


 Indivisible Baltimore”

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