IB urges Sarbanes, Ruppersberger, Cummings to support Title X protections in appropriations bill

This March, Trump administration imposed a ‘domestic gag rule’ that bars clinics that refer patients to abortion services from receiving federal funding under Title X, which pays for birth control and other family planning services for low-income patients. Indivisible Baltimore has sent letters and made phone calls urging Congressmen Sarbanes, Ruppersberger, and Cummings to support an appropriations bill in the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Relate Agencies that includes protections to block the Trump administration’s domestic gag rule by:

  1. requiring that all pregnancy counseling funded by Title X be “nondirective” that is, provide information about all options for continuing or terminating pregnancy
  2. reinstating a 2016 regulation that bars states from discriminating against Title X providers that offer non-Title X services (such as abortion) with non-title X funds.

Congressman Johns Sarbanes office responded that he is a strong and consistent supporter of Title X and is keeping a close eye on it as it moves through the appropriations process, and that he also signed onto a letter to the appropriations committee urging $400 million in funding for the Title X program, with no abortion restrictions, for fiscal year 2020.

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