Maryland Indivisible Coalition lobbies to expand voting rights for incarcerated citizens

Indivisible Baltimore organized the Maryland Indivisible Coalition to submit joint testimony to the Maryland General Assembly in support of HB252, which would make voting more accessible to incarcerated citizens. HB252 builds on the General Assembly’s extension of voting rights to returning citizens on parole and probation.

Marylanders serving time for a misdemeanor convinction, and those in partial detention who have not been convicted of anything, have the right to vote. Even if these people are registered to vote, they cannot vote in person due to their incarceration. If detention centers do not facilitate obtaining absentee ballots for these individuals, they are, in effect, disenfranchising these voters. HB252 is designed to streamline this process to make it easier for those who are incarcerated to obtain absentee ballots and vote in our elections.

We want to thank Delegates Alonzo Washington, Nick Mosby, and Eric Ebersole and Senator Jill Carter for their support as well as ACLU Maryland and Common Cause Maryland for all they have done in this effort.

The following Indivisible groups have signed on to support HB252:

  1. Action Annapolis (Anne Arundel County)
  2. Women Indivisible Strong Effective (Anne Arundel County)
  3. Indivisible Baltimore (Baltimore City)
  4. Indivisible Towson (Baltimore County)
  5. Indivisible North Baltimore County (Baltimore County)
  6. Indivisible Central Maryland (Central Maryland Counties)
  7. Indivisible HoCoMD (Howard County)
  8. Kent and Queen Anne’s Indivisible (Kent County and Queen Anne’s County)
  9. Glen Echo Heights Mobilization (Montgomery County)
  10. Indivisible Cabin John (Montgomery County)
  11. Indivisible MoCo (Montgomery County)
  12. Indivisible Montgomery (Montgomery County)
  13. Indivisible Worcester MD (Worcester County)

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