Ask your legislators to support expanding voting rights in Maryland!

Election Day Registration and Automatic Voter Registration would protect Maryland voters from Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission and to expand Maryland’s electorate to elect more progressive leaders in government. Indivisible Baltimore is teaming up with Common Cause Maryland to help push for two bills this year that would protect voting rights in Maryland:

Election Day Registration (EDR) – Currently Maryland voters must register to vote at least 21 days before Election Day. This bill will allow voters to register to vote on Election Day, without having to submit a provisional ballot. EDR is already available in 14 states and is the surest way to ensure that any voters unfairly ‘purged’ by Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission will still be able to vote on Election Day.

Secure and Accessible Registration Act (SARA) – This bill outlines Automatic Voter Registration (AVR) in Maryland and will be critical to expanding the electorate. After becoming the first state to implement AVR in 2016, Oregon saw the largest increase in voter turnout of any state in the country. Since then, 10 states have implemented some form of AVR.

What can you do to help protect and expand voting rights in Maryland?

Call your state legislators! You can look up your district here.

  1. State your name, neighborhood, and address, and specify that you are a constituent and a voter. Also, leave your phone number and/or email address and indicate that you expect a response.
  2. Say that you are calling to express support for two voting rights bills in the upcoming legislative session:
    • Election Day Registration (EDR)
    • Automatic Voter Registration – this year’s bill is called the Secure and Accessible Registration Act (SARA)
  3. Explain that you support these bills because they will protect and expand voting rights. They are especially urgent now because of the Trump administration’s voter suppression agenda. More information on these bills can be found here.
  4. Ask your legislators to cosponsor both bills as soon as possible.

Several members of the Baltimore City, Baltimore County, and Howard County delegations  (marked with an ‘*’ in the list of legislatures below) sit on committees that must consider and vote on these bills before they come before the entire legislature. When you call these legislators, please add the following: 

  • Ask them to support these bills in committee

In addition, when you call Senator Joan Carter Conway (District 43), Chair of the Senate Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee, please add the following:

  • Ask her to make these bills a priority for her committee.
  • Ask her to schedule hearings as early as possible during the upcoming legislative session

Again, you can look up your district here. Here are the phone numbers for the Baltimore City, Baltimore County, and Howard County delegations:

‘*’ indicates legislators who sit on committees that must consider and vote on these bills before they can come to a final vote before the full legislature.

District 6
Sen. Johnny Ray Salling* (410) 841-3587
Del. Robin Grammer (410) 841-3298
Del. Bob Long* (410) 841-3458
Del. Ric Metzgar (410) 841-3332

District 7
Sen. JB Jennings (410) 841-3706
Del. Rick Impallaria (410) 841-3289
Del. Pat McDonough (410) 841-3334
Del. Kathy Szeliga (410) 841-3698

District 8
Sen. Katherine Klausmeier (410) 841-3620
Del. Eric Bromwell (410) 841-3766
Del. Joe Cluster (410) 841-3526
Del. Christian Miele (410) 841-3365

District 9
Sen. Gail Bates* (410) 841-3671
Del. Trent Kittleman, 9A (410) 841-3556
Del. Warren Miller, 9B (410) 841-3582
Del. Robert Flanagan, 9B (410) 841-3077

District 10
Sen. Delores Kelley (410) 841-3606
Del. Benjamin Brooks (410) 841-3352
Del. Jay Jalisi (410) 841-3358
Del. Adrienne Jones (410) 841-3391

District 11
Sen. Bobby Zirkin (410) 841-3131
Del. Shelly Hettleman (410) 841-3833
Del. Dan Morhaim (410) 841-3054
Del. Dana Stein (410) 841-3527

District 12
Sen. Edward Kasemeyer (410) 841-3653
Del. Eric Ebersole* (410) 841-3328
Del. Terri Hill (410) 841-3378
Del. Clarence Lam (410) 841-3205

District 13
Sen. Guy Guzzone (410) 841-3572
Del. Vanessa Atterbeary (410) 841-3471
Del. Shane Pendergrass (410) 841-3139
Del. Frank Turner (410) 841-3246

District 40
Sen. Barbara Robinson (410) 841-3656
Del. Frank Conaway (410) 841-3189
Del. Antonio Hayes (410) 841-3545
Del. Nick Mosby* (410) 841-3520

District 41
Sen. Nathaniel Oaks (410) 841-3697
Del. Bilal Ali* (410) 841-3268
Del. Angela Gibson (410) 841-3283
Del. Sandy Rosenberg (410) 841-3297

District 42
Sen. Jim Brochin (410) 841-3648
Del. Stephen Lafferty (410) 841-3487
Del. Susan Aumann (410) 841-3258
Del. Chris West (410) 841-3793

District 43
Sen. Joan Carter Conway* (410) 467-7125
Del. Curt Anderson (410) 841-3291
Del. Maggie McIntosh (410) 841-3407
Del. Mary Washington* (410) 841-3476

District 44
Sen. Shirley Nathan-Pulliam* (410) 841-3612
Del. Keith Haynes, 44A (410) 841-3801
Del. Charles Sydnor, 44B (410) 841-3802
Del. Pat Young, 44B (410) 841-3544

District 45
Sen. Nathaniel McFadden (410) 841-3165
Del. Talmadge Branch (410) 841-3398
Del. Cheryl Glenn (410) 841-3257
Del. Cory McCray (410) 841-3486

District 46
Sen. Bill Ferguson (410) 841-3600
Del. Luke Clippinger (410) 841-3303
Del. Robbyn Lewis (410) 841-3772
Del. Brooke Lierman (410) 841-3319

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