Maryland Indivisibles use phonebanking to urge out-of-state voters to defend ACA

Last week, Indivisible groups in the Baltimore-area and around Maryland organized phonebanking sessions targeting voters in Maine to defend the ACA. They set up three phone banking stations in Catonsville, Baltimore, and Towson over consecutive days from July 9-11. Using a new tool called Hubdialer, set up by ACA Defenders, callers were able to directly contact voters in Maine and connect them to the offices of Senator Susan Collins – one of the main targets of Indivisible’s TrumpCare Ten campaign.

Catonsville Indivisible put together a detailed how-to here. Callers do not need to attend a phonebanking session to use Hubdialer, they can sign up for the service and use with their own phone at home, or any other location.

From Indivisible Baltimore member Jason Buc: “The way it works is you sign up via their google doc and they send you log on credentials to a commercial platform called Hubdialer.  With Hubdialer you log in on your computer and it directs you to call in from a phone.  From there we were calling Maine residents that we expected to be sympathetic and encouraging them to reach out to Senator Collins and keep her in the “no” category for the proposed roll back to health care. Constituents could be transferred directly to the Senator’s DC office to leave a message.”

UPDATE: Starting July 14, ACA Defenders has added the option to call voters in West Virginia and connect them to  Senator Shelley Moore Capito and urge her to come out against the ACA repeal. Sign up here!

Maryland’s contribution to the ACA Defender phonebanking project is a joint effort between a number of groups including Indivisible Baltimore, Catonsville Indivisible, Together We Will Baltimore Chapter, Indivisible Towson, Indivisible MoCoBaltimore County Democratic Club and others.

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