Submit public comment to CMS opposing regulatory changes to ACA

Republican efforts to undermine and repeal the ACA must be fought on multiple fronts including at the state level, in Congress, and within the regulatory agencies themselves. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is seeking public comments on the implementation of Trump’s Executive Order 13765, which instructed all executive departments to reduce supposed economic and regulatory burdens of the ACA. The law requires that CMS respond substantively to each major issue raised by these comments – a process that can significantly delay implementation of proposed regulatory changes.

CMS is seeking comments in four areas:

  1. Empowering patients and promoting consumer choice
  2. Stabilizing the individual, small group, and non-traditional health insurance markets
  3. Enhancing affordability
  4. Affirming the traditional regulatory authority of the States in regulating the business of health insurance

BMore Indivisible has put together a document that provides details on how to respond to CMS’s public comment request to maximize its impact in protecting the ACA. If you would like to submit a public comment, please read these instructions, and follow this link to submit your comment.

Feel free to email us with a copy of your comment so that we can keep track of this action! Public comment periods are typically open for only a short period of time. This comment period is open until July 12.

One thought on “Submit public comment to CMS opposing regulatory changes to ACA

  1. I implore you, please leave our healthcare intact until we have leaders that truly want to make a change for the better of all citizens. We will remember your vote in 2018 and 2020!


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