Over 500 attend Van Hollen health care town hall in Bowie

Bmore Indivisible sent members to a health care town hall on Saturday that featured Senator Van Hollen and was organized by Health Care For All. Senator Van Hollen gave an update on the status of the ACA repeal in the Senate and Representative Steny Hoyer (MD-5) followed up with a perspective from the House.

The highlight of the event was a panel discussion with health care experts on the impacts of the law from a medical perspective that included:

  • Dr. Leana Wen, Baltimore City Health Commissioner
  • Dr. George H. Bone, Doctor’s Community Hospital
  • Phyllis Alexis, Licensed Practical Nurse from Dimensions Health Systems

Each panelist spoke about the current state of health care from their various perspectives and the irreparable damage that would occur if the AHCA were passed into law in its current form.  They also answered questions related to their fields.

Vinny De Marco of the Maryland Health Initiative spoke about the work of the Maryland Health Care for All Coalition, and several individuals spoke out about how they were able to obtain health care through the ACA and how their access to care was threatened by its repeal. 

Because of time constraints, there was only a limited question and answer period, but organizers of the event promised to follow up with answers to any further questions. The general tone of the afternoon was very positive.  People appeared to be energized and willing to do what it will take to ensure that the AHCA will not pass in its current form.

Senator Van Hollen gave a take-home assignment to the attendees:  He asked anyone who had friends or relatives living in other states to contact them and and ask them to call their Senators about defeating the AHCA.

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