Op-ed: Medicaid enables people with disabilities to be productive members of society

BMore Indivisible member Sarah Rice, who has extended family in Maine, wrote an op-ed in the Portland Press Herald urging Maine Senator Susan Collins to reject the drastic cuts to Medicaid proposed in the new senate AHCA bill. Senator Collins is one of ten GOP Senators that Indivisible has targeted for opposing the ACA repeal in their TrumpCare Ten initiative .

In the op-ed, Sarah shares the story of how Medicaid enabled her sister, who was diagnosed with a schizoaffective disorder, to finish her degree at University of Rhode Island and pursue part-time work, allowing her to be a productive, active, member of society:

All people are at risk of accident or illness and may need Medicaid. My sister’s college engineering career was interrupted when she began experiencing symptoms of what would eventually be diagnosed as schizoaffective disorder. Despite the difficult hand she was dealt, Allie emerged a true hero and graduated this winter from the University of Rhode Island.

Allie now qualifies for Medicaid because her condition is currently disabling. Medicaid expansion allows her to pursue part-time work as part of her recovery, but this option won’t exist under Republican proposals to roll back the program.

Block-granting Medicaid may also deprive Allie of the services she needs to stay an active member of the community. Allie will always have her support of her family; can she count on the support of her country?

You can read the full op-ed here.

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