Indivisible Baltimore meets with Van Hollen’s new Baltimore office to discuss Trumpcare

Today, Indivisible Baltimore met with Chuck Conner, the regional director for Senator Van Hollen’s newly opened Baltimore office in Station North. We discussed the importance of the ACA for all Americans, how unpopular the Trumpcare is with the public, and how worried and anxious people are that Republicans may succeed in repealing the ACA. We asked Mr. Conner to convey our thanks to Senator Van Hollen for being an outspoken critic of the ACA repeal, and to Senate Democrats for halting regular Senate business in protest of the GOP’s secret hearings.

In advance of the meeting, BMore Indivisible sent a letter to Senator Van Hollen’s and Senator Cardin‘s offices, sharing several stories about how the ACA and Medicaid expansion personally affect members of the group, and asking the Senators to commit to:

  1. Withhold consent and block or delay all non-healthcare related Senate items until the GOP holds public hearings
  2. Filibuster the bill once it is brought to the floor with countless amendments.

We wanted to hear from Mr. Connor whether Senator Van Hollen would consider these tactics, and more broadly, what the Senator planned to do to prevent the ACA repeal.

Mr. Connor stressed that fighting the ACA repeal was the Senator’s highest priority. He said that he could not commit to specific procedural tactics on behalf of the Senator, but emphasized that Senator Van Hollen is committed to doing what it takes to defeat the bill. We stressed that we will hold the Senator to that commitment, and that if the ACA repeal passes, we plan to discuss with his office why the Senator chose to take the course of action he did.

We want to thank Mr. Conner for taking the time to meet with us, and look forward to working him and the rest of Senator Van Hollen’s Baltimore regional office in the future. Welcome to Baltimore!

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