Op-ed: Trump’s ‘Infrastructure Week’ is Indivisible’s first true test

7th Congressional District Indivisible member Vinnie Bevivino writes in an op-ed posted on Medium.com that Trump’s so-called “Infrastructure Week” will be the Indivisible movement’s first true test. He argues that unlike most of the previous issues of opposition for Indivisible, such as the Muslim Ban or Trumpcare, infrastructure is an issue with broad bi-partisan support, that will be more difficult to generate universal opposition to. Nonetheless, he argues opposition to infrastructure is critically important to the larger goal of the Trump resistance:

“Trump is using his infrastructure announcement this week to score political points, a well-timed strategy as James Comey is testifying in front of Congress about Russia’s involvement in the election and allegations of obstruction of justice. Infrastructure Week is a distraction. Trump knows that investing in infrastructure is something we can all rally behind. Depending on the details of the plan, some of our Democratic members of congress are going to be tempted to tout its benefits. Some may see this leading to more jobs for their electorate or much needed projects in their district, or some are getting sizable contributions from companies and other entities that will profit from the plan.

Let us not allow Trump this win, let us continue the strength of the resistance by doing all we can do to voice our complete opposition to Trump. We must demand opposition because supporting, or even not opposing, this infrastructure plan strengthens Trump and his administration, and makes undoing his damage that much harder.”

You can read the full op-ed here.

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