Town Hall with Congressman Sarbanes in Sandy Spring

At a town hall yesterday organized by Indivisible D14 in Sandy Spring, Congressman John Sarbanes (MD-3) answered questions from the audience for almost two hours on issues of transparency, accountability, and resisting Trump the old-fashioned way: through the ballot box.

The Congressman emphasized that while there are a number of ethics investigations of President Trump that might end up leading to impeachment, as long as Republicans control Congress, the only reliable way to resist the Trump administration will be through the ballot box – by getting candidates who oppose Trump to win. Republicans will only turn on Trump once their own voters turn on him, not before.

Congressman Sarbanes also focused the need to have a positive agenda for the 2018 mid-term elections: “Opposing Trump won’t be enough. We need to put forward a platform built on economic security for all Americans and solidarity with minorities.”

Yesterday was also Congressman Sarbanes’ birthday! Happy 55th Birthday Congressman!


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